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Château de Fontenille, producer of Bordeaux wines

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Les Bulles de Fontenille


Unknown to the general public, the production of sparkling wines in Bordeaux is a century-old tradition. These wines can be produced on the whole vineyard of  Bordeaux. The harvest is exclusively manual. The specifications are very rigorous.

Surface : 1 ha

Terroir : siliceous clay and gravel.

Average age : 25 years

Production : 5 000 bottles

Blending : 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 50% Cabernet Franc.

New : Prime

First expression of a red you can taste like a white, because « un éléphant ça trompe énormément » … literally « an elephant fools enormously » is a reference to a play on words in French with the « trompe » or trunk of the elephant and ‘tromper’ in French means to fool, to mislead.