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“Wine like friendship requires a lot of attention and regards.
We share it like friendship and bread.
We speak about wine like we speak about life and when we want to celebrate it we go and fetch a good bottle.
The wines of Chateau de Fontenille deserve to be tasted and appreciated.
They will always be the faithful friends on which you can count when life deserves to be celebrated.”

Stéphane Defraine’s passion

Stéphane Defraine from Belgium, arrived in Bordeaux in 1977. He discovered the work of the vine in Saint Emilion and, after studying oenology, he worked in the Medoc and Vouvray. He discovered the Entre-deux-Mers working as a consultant for investors from 1982 onwards.
In 1989, after discovering the abilities of the Entre-deux-Mers terroirs and their potential to produce great wines, Stéphane took full charge of Fontenille’s destiny.
He is driven by the passion and the fierce desire to do the work he loves, that of the land and the desire to realize the dream of making good wine. Very quickly Stéphane understands that Fontenille has excellent soils, worthy of the biggest Bordeaux. He decides to restructure the vineyard, to plant at higher densities, chooses good clones, good rootstocks to improve quality. He quickly gets results.

In thirty years, the work, the investments and the constant questioning of practices or techniques have allowed the Château de Fontenille to be recognized as one of the jewels of Bordeaux. Stéphane is committed to producing a unique product whose typicality only belongs to the terroir of its production, therefore inimitable.


“Passionate, we are guided by our desire to share a terroir, a culture, a vision of the place of man within these values. We are aware of being just a link in an adventure that began almost 10 centuries ago and will continue long after us.”

Château de Fontenille

Up above the Entre-deux-Mers, 1km far from the Abbey of la Sauve Majeure stands Château de Fontenille…

Our Bordeaux Wines

At Chateau de Fontenille we grow quality vines in a careful environment to offer you exceptional wines…


Bordeaux, Entre-deux mers, red, white or rosé… We have a variety of wines to be
drunk for any occasion !


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